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Link Homes missing items.

Level 4

When I log in with Oculus Link on a Quest 2 all the items that I have earned for my Oculus home are miss. The room is empty. I tried going to other people's homes and theirs are empty too. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried repairing the software and restarting my computer but it didn't work. I have also been having trouble staying connected to link. If I move my headset the wrong way I get disconnected. Are they getting rid of linking with the cable since the instruction of Airlink because I have been having all sorts of problems since it rolled out? Are the customizable Oculus homes gone now, because mine is empty. ๐Ÿ˜ข


Level 4

There is also a facebook group about homes
You re welcome to join

I noticed the same yesterday, got my rewards and was able to add them to my inventory

Level 4

im more interested in custom 3d items i import, then the lame oculus items i get by rewards

Level 3

Everything is working now.

Level 3

Things are working on my end too.  I can also use social features that had been borked before.  Hopefully whatever they did continues to work.

Level 4

My home has also returned. (And there was much rejoicing.)

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Level 4

Same here, all has returned. And then I got an email after it was working again from support telling me to reboot my headset a couple of times and see if that fixes it. ๐Ÿ˜„


Level 3

Lets join our facebook group and share your homes


Level 16

Honestly, every time I accidentally hit the dashboard house button I curse you guys and your silly Dollhouses, lol!  I really wish there was a way to delete this button.  At least there is now an option (has been for a while) to at least not start off in your Oculus Home (dollhouse).  You just start off in a SteamVR-like void where can simply startup apps or go to the virtual desktop whenever you want  Uses up a few less pc resources without a dollhouse and starts up a lot quicker as well.

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