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Long time DK2 owner checking back in

Level 3
Hello CyberChaps and Virtualettes

Don't know how many of the old schoolers are still around? I got my DK2 back in August 2014, used it most weeks and still do for my flight sims, demos and the odd bit of Alien Isolation. Still love it to bits!

Haven't been on the forum for a while (did a little lurking) and thought I would check in to see what's going on with everyone. Looking forward to pre-ordering? Are we still looking for 90 FPS for the production jobbie? Are my two 980's I bought especially for immersing myself in
rude virtual movies
DCS World and P3D finally going to prove their worth, or did Nvidia sort of drag their heels with VR SLI a bit? Anything else on the technical side I really really need to know?

Hoping Cybereality is still around, with his luscious purple hair? Where's the dude that had a robot wearing a charming suit for an avatar? Is he still around? And the grumpy guy with an angry Tron dude as his picture :mrgreen: Dude with the cute cat avatars? [EDIT: Ah found you all, vizionvr, danknugz and kojack!]. And Mssrs Bilago and Drash? Did they finally become beings of pure light like Wesley in Star Trek? Not that its ever fair to compare ANYONE to Wesley but they were kind of awesome (still remember the nerd tears after being able to run that TNG demo via the game manager and walk around engineering ❤️ )

Hope all you devs made wonderful VR projects that are set to make you squillions!

Anyways not sure what I will be doing. Might wait until the Rift ships with Touch, and at least until the Vive comes out to compare it, unless someone can verbally beat me into submission convince me gently why the Vive will be pants?

Anyways, good to be back, hope all you devs and users all had lovely christmases and New Years and all the Oculus staff are cruising towards well earned time off when CV1 finally goes out the door 😄


Level 4
Yes and no. I have started several projects to get a feel for what works/doesn't. I now have a concept that I am working on specifically and lots of sample code from all the things that didn't work. Since my project requires hand input, I am using the Leap Motion until the Touch dev kits are made available. Until then, I have to use gestures for things that would be better suited for a button (and there are only so many supported gestures); but it works for now :D.