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Looking for Specific VR Desktop Functions

Level 5
Hey guys.

I've been trying to find a way to play old emulated lightgun games in VR/with VR controllers. Stuff like New Retro Arcade: Neon are way too complicated for me however. I figured that since some standard non-VR emulators (like Demul for Dreamcast lightgun games like Confidential Mission) let you emulate a hardware lightgun with your mouse, then it would be possible to simply use a VR desktop app to run the emulators in standard fullscreen mode, pass it through the VR desktop and use my Touch controller as a mouse. This appears to work decently in theory. The cursor is tracked very well and quite precisely when moving around, but in practice I have two issues.

One: The framerate of the VR desktop doesn't appear to be optimal. The app can run fine in 90 fps but the actual desktop view appears way choppier than it is on the monitor. I can sort of deal with it if it can't be solved.

Two: I cannot do rapid clicks with the triggers (or buttons). Slow clicks are fine. Hold-click which works as right click is OK. Rapid clicks don't do anything beyond the first. I simply can't deal with this remaining unsolved as it means most of my shooting doesn't register and all these arcade games require fast reflexes.

Both of these issues appear to be the same whether in the Oculus Home desktop view you can pull up or the Bigscreen Beta I also tried. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking the issue is that maybe Touch controllers don't actually emulate a mouse but instead some kind of Touch desktop style function? But I could be way off.

The icing on the cake would be if I could replace the VR controller model (or whatever hand model the app you will recommend uses) with a token gun model (but a properly aligned one so you could even use the sights to aim) when using it for this purpose for added practical functionality and in turn to be able to disable the crosshair in the emulators to get the real old school feel (it's an option in the emulators, just not very practical when in Bigscreen for example where there's no model at all to help me aim). Also it would be great if I could reconfigure the Touch controller inputs so that I can actually set things like the mouse wheel or whatever (since for example on Demul the mouse wheel is used as up/down d-pad functions in menus by the default settings).

Thanks in advance.