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Looks Like CBS Have Killed The Stage 9 TNG Enterprise Project

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Saw this on the Vive sub-Reddit earlier. Their website just displays a message saying 'Live long and prosper', their sub-Reddit has gone private and their discord is dead.

So annoying when copyright owners kill fan projects such as this. :angry: :cry:
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Oh FFS, good thing I grabbed the latest version, it was a lot of fun. Arghhhh!!!
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I hate CBS/paramont almost as much as I hate Fox.

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Well that sucks.  I didn't know about this until reading this thread.  This would have been a must experience for me.  Enterprise in VR, F yeah. 

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crap.  I have .9 but not the VR version of .10.

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Digikid1 said:

crap.  I have .9 but not the VR version of .10.

Apparently .10 doesn't have VR
.9 was the last one they released with it.

From the dev's discord:
Thanks for bearing with us folks.
Unfortunately we won't have any more information until Monday at the very earliest, keep checking back!

(Saw it on reddit)

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