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Meanwhile at Valve... VR layoffs

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Restructuring, or preparing for a decreased footprint in VR?

Valve Lays Off Parts of VR Team, Denies Change in Direction

“Last month, 13 full-time employees were let go and a portion of our contractor agreements were terminated. It’s an unfortunate part of business, but does not represent any major changes at the company. We thank those affected for their contribution and wish them well in future endeavors.”

One of the people who departed the company as part of the layoffs was Nat Brown, who had been working as a VR engineer for the company since September of 2015. Brown announced his departure on Twitter Thursday morning, saying that he left Valve in early February.

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As a follow-up,

Valve's tracking system seems to be getting left behind both with Home VR and Facility VR.

In 2019, HTC’s next VR headsets (Cosmos and Vive Focus Plus) don’t use SteamVR Tracking. We’ve uncovered hints from Facebook that a follow-on PC-powered Rift S is likely this year featuring the same Insight tracking system as the standalone Oculus Quest. This tracking system might also be capable one day of finger tracking.

Valve, meanwhile,  developed a second generation of its lighthouse-based tracking which can precisely locate objects across multiple rooms, or perhaps even  warehouses. That might make SteamVR Tracking 2.0 ideal for certain large-scale VR attractions and arcades. Microsoft ‘s tracking technology, however, was recently adopted by VR attraction company Zero Latency and we were super impressed by Oculus Quest’s arena demonstration by Facebook late last year. Today, Rift is often used with OptiTrack or other external camera-based tracking at venues with VR entertainment.

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hmm, not sure what to make of all this....

...Continues to eat Snickers. :wink:
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Should still be called Marathon in the UK 😞
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Small layoffs like that aren't usually cause for concern. They could have just finished the project they were working on and Valve didn't have anything else for them to do. If more layoffs follow i'll be concerned.

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It's cos they're abandoning high-end PC VR. >:) 😄 😄 😄
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Its interesting. Only time will tell.

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Techy111 said:

Should still be called Marathon in the UK 😞

I'm a bit depressed to check that change happened nearly 30 years ago

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For Steam to do it - I dont feel like its a problem. If this was HTC - I be like oh no!! Another around of lay offs is super bad.  Either way the number is small - that the same turn out you usually have a small business of workers per year anyways. 

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Maybe Valve are looking at just having VR support across the board and letting third parties take the strain and cost.
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