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Message: Can't validate Oculus account. Check your internetconnection or restart Oculus Software.

Level 3
For a few weeks now I have a strange mesage box in VR, that prevents me from entering my oculus-home-apartment and the oculus store. Everything else works.
It is a red messagebox with diagonal stripes and a blue "Accept"-Button (it has a totaly different design than any other UI I have seen so far in Oculus. Moreover it introduces depth-problems on other UI elements). The german text of the message is: "Dein Oculus-Konto konnte nicht bestätigt werden. Bitte überprüfe deine Internetverbindung oder starte die Oculus Software neu. [Bestätigen]"
I tried restarting, sign in and out from Oculus Core 2.0 and Public Beta Channel. I also fixed the installation of the Oculus Software/reinstalling.

Level 4
Oculus Support is the worst support I've ever used!!!!

I'm unable to use my new Quest 2 I got my boys for Christmas...

I've never had a FB account.  Every FB account I have created for me or them gets immediately disabled.

This is so frustrating and it's been several weeks since my support request and I've been bounced around to three separate support persons now with the issue completely unresolved.

AT this point this is CONSUMER FRAUD!

There should be a huge warning on the retail box that says if you create a new Facebook account as required you could be disabled and not able to use the hardware!!!