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Missing some of the Basics/Classics

Level 3
Been an Oculus Owner/user for just over a year now.  Nice graphics, maybe not the best (screen door effect), and have seen some definite improvements during this time.  Have bought and tried 30 or so of the most popular games.  Some are pretty neat. 

However, I think that some of the games/devs are trying too hard to create new software/worlds/experiences and not focusing on establishing some bread&butter games/experiences that would make more people and even organizations interested.  I've looked at games on third party sites too, and it seems the whole VR world is just trying to push the envelope rather than step back and fill many voids.

I would love to see more vanilla games - classics, more useful products like real learning to drive simulators (and more realistic flight simulators).  Don't need the war games shoot em up.

More classic games should be ported to VR - heck - go back to Adventure, even Zork, classics that people would easily pay for and one could expand on these.

Would love more real interactive leaning language experiences - be able to walk around a Paris street and converse with people in French - maybe even with multiplayer.  Imagine how this would work for learning?

So far I'm very leery of more 'escape' rooms and would love more real-life scenarios with learning experiences.  Just saying.

Enough with the Zombie endless shoot-em up scenarios that have no purpose other than hordes coming at you.  Getting old.