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My Oculus notes thus far.

Level 2
Hey everybody. Ive been playing around with the Rift for five days now, Loving it even though Ive been getting a bad case of sim-sickness. Seems to be getting my "VR legs" now tho. Or its the motion-sickness-meds I took yesterday... ๐Ÿ˜›
My notes so far, maybe someone else will find these useful or worthy of discussion:

-my IPD is 61.0 , though it doesnt seem to make much difference when calibrated. too close to the baseline of 63 to be noticable?

-Realism is boring. In all examples Ive tried so far it falls too close to the uncanny valley. Stylized (TF2) or even all-out trippy is more exciting, take the chance to create what doesnt exist IRL.

-Cockpits especially and player body in a lesser degree helps with simulator sickness.

-Its impossible to drink tea while in the rift. ๐Ÿ˜ž

-Towering architecture is cool

-In the contrast between things up close and far away is where the real VR magic happens. Exiting the starting building in TF2 badlands is prime example.

-Slow movement is best suited for VR.

-good FPS is key.

Level 7
"Emanu" wrote:
Another observation : I noticed the 3D-effect of the rift starting to "wear off" a bit, and im not as wowed as I was a week ago, but its really wierd to play a regular game now. Something is missing. Very interesting.

Like many other things ( :mrgreen: ), if you use the Rift on a daily basis, you'll build a tolerance to it.

I was forced to take a 2 week break from the Rift because of an SSD failure. And when I got back into it, I was pretty much awestruck again with my mouth hanging open and everything.

I was like "wwoaaheh i rememmber this feeelingg....."