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My beat saber won't update on oculus quest

Level 3
So me and my cousin like playing beat saber, and thats a good thing, so i thought how fun wouldnit be to get custom songs. I was new so I got bmbf. Now that the 360 and 90 degree levels are out, I wantes to play them. When I got to the update ran and clicked beatsaber with my controller, it did nothing. It hasn't updated the new 360 and 90 degree songs. It wont update at all. So, I spammed beatsaber for it to update and it still didnt update. I dont know if bmbf is blocking it from updating or something else but I need help. If you can help me, please tell me What to do.

Level 3
Sorry for all of the gramer issues.

Level 8
There is a new version of BMBF. You need to install that and it will walk you through the installation. 

First, uninstall Beat Saber. You can always uninstall Beat Saber on Sidequest as well. 
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Level 3
Ok ill try