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NA Processing (65XXX and up)

Level 2
So now that people up to 64XXX in NA are starting to receive their processing emails, I guess this is the new waiting thread for the rest of us?
To about a month of waiting! Huzzah!
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"Cyph3r" wrote:
"FunkyStylin" wrote:
Can anyone provide an estimate on the arrival of the next NA batch? I thought I saw 2-3 weeks somewhere. Is that too optimistic?

The current batch is on its way out, and currently its 1 batch a month, so you're looking at end of November I think.

Thanks. Back to trying to forget that I ever ordered...
Ordered September 29th. Order #081xxx. Status: Processing

Level 2
Its official!! Got the pre-processing eMail yesterday and today the status has been updated to "Processing".

Now that I know for sure it will be on its way the wait almost seems worse then before, lol! It has now gone from occasional thought to full blown obsession! :shock: Ohh how these next few days/weeks will torment me with utter excited impatience. Just going to have to keep myself busy.

Ill be knee deep in the forums and all things Oculus while jammin "Floating on Powder" till then!

Stay up fellow Oculi!

074xxx NA, WI
Ordered Sept 16th


Level 2
To anyone concerned about your status not updating to processing. Mine has now updated after getting the email 44 hours ago. So don't worry it'll update!

Level 4
Nice, I too changed from "ready" with my pre-processing letter to officially "Processing" !! 8-)

Now does anyone know what the normal wait-tme between "Processing" and "shipped" is?
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"tof3r78" wrote:

Stay up fellow Oculi!

Like it. 😄

Oculi, noun, plural, 1. Oculus Rift virtual reality enthusiasts referred to as a group. Synonyms: Rifters

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Order Date: Sep 15, 2013 06:54 PM PDT
Changed to processing today (Oct 23, 2013).

Status: PROCESSING: Your order has been checked out for shipping and will be shipped in the next batch. We'll send you a notification once it's shipped.

😄 😄 😄 😄

Level 2
Status was officially changed to "Processing"!

Yay! (Order 72xxx)

Level 2
YUSSSSSS on day 41, my status is now at Processing...

We're in business fellow Oculi

Level 7
"mrhebrides" wrote:
Oculi, noun, plural, 1. Oculus Rift virtual reality enthusiasts referred to as a group. Synonyms: Rifters

I like that, though, I, personally, might end up using "Oculi" for the singular and "Oculim" for the plural.

Level 2
I got order numbrer 69xxx and nothing yet!!!! how can this be?
Placed my order the 31st of August.