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Never pre order go to Amazon or any where else

Level 2
If you want to pre order anything in the future from oculus don't make the mistake that I did just go to Amazon or anywhere else or you will be waiting a minimum of 4 days after the release date. They use ups. I wish I would have known that before hand. Both incompetent 

Level 11
UPS is great. It's when you end up with USPS that problems can happen. 

You can't judge based on one case out of thousands. Some people preordered from Best Buy online and their shipment was only processed yesterday and they are unhappy. I ordered from Oculus. Got it 10am on 5/21 from UPS. 
i7 9700k 3090 rtx   CV1, Rift-S, Index, G2

Level 8
Well.. On the wall to my right there is a note that has been hanging on the wall for years now. And on that note it says.. "Never use UPS!!!"