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New Meetup in Boulder Colorado!

Level 2
Greetings Fellow Rifters!

I have started a virtual reality meetup and I am welcoming all of you to come and join!

Here is the meetup site:

I am looking for anyone who has a Oculus Rift to come and demo to the group and hopefully discuss the experiences you have had thus far with the development kit. Truly I feel like it is the Homebrew Computer club all over again. Finally--virtual reality has arrived!

If you are a third party VR company or an independent who has some great software title to show please let me know. I would love to provide a forum for you to show your work.

Finally anyone from Oculus who wants to come--you would indeed be a special guest.

I am working on finding a location for our first meet up. If any one has a location either in Denver or in the Boulder area please let me know that as well.

I can't wait to start the adventure!


Level 2
I wanted to post a follow up--perhaps drum up some additional interest.

Please take a moment and register on the meet up site. I hope to have the first meeting in September as I am getting closer on a location and already have a member who actually has a Rift. 🙂

Here is the link:

Level 2
Good luck, I'm a in Santa Fe and I'd like to experience Oculus for myself. I feel bad enough being on this forum at all. I'm not a developer, just a guy who wants to experience VR.

Level 2
Well I will post when I get the meet up schedule and location. I did not want to get the this setup until I either had a Rift or had someone in the group who had one and was willing to share...

Boulder is a nice place to spend a weekend 🙂