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New Meta FaceBook Store

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Whenever I went to oculus dot com this always took me to my local Oculus Store (Australia).  Now it seems to take my automatically to the FaceBook Meta store.  The first thing it does is ask me to confirm my location and language.  It keeps saying that I'm in the UK and US English.  I change the UK to Australia and press the confirm button and then all prices are in aud$.  It never seems to save this because the next time I go there it says UK again.


Also, there does not seem to be any purchase history there.  To see this I need to use my smartphone app.  Maybe just teething problems?  It would have been nice for Meta to have explained this beforehand.  Maybe I missed the memo, lol!


Edit; OK I finally found the new meta store purchase history.  I needed to select my user icon, then settings, then on the far left Oculus Settings.  Then top item Orders seems to have this all there now.  I guess I just need to look a little harder next time, lol!  Still want to direct me to the UK though.

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Volunteer Moderator

Strange. I just opened the new store, it has me as Australia and prices are in AUD.


I see that Kogan (and Dick Smith, which is just a front for Kogan) have Quests in Australia.




Yeah, I definitely don't want to pay $920!

Then again I don't want to pay $565au either, since the REAL price from Oculus is $479au.

Plus I don't believe they are an authorised reseller, so it's a grey market import.

(I can't find the "where to buy" part of the new Meta store, so not 100% sure)

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Interesting, all looks the same to me, but I'm using an Oculus account. 

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