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New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or what you think could be even better. If you have questions about the new platform, please leave those as well. I may not be able to answer everything, but I’ll try to jump in where I can!


So… what do you think?

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@TomCgcmfc wrote:

Honestly, with very few exceptions this Forum is going to pot thanks to its new, crappy format imho.  I'm seriously thinking about giving it a permanent holiday.

I don't think the Valve Index thread can survive without you, mate 😛


Jokes aside. I don't think the low-post-wonders are the problem tbh. We have to look at the big picture. All Oculus VR communication and collaboration amongst the community happens on Facebook itself. The sheer volume of Oculus enthusiasts, for both Stand-Alone and PCVR, on Facebook's social media completely overshadows this forum 100-fold. It's not even comparable.


This forum is clearly geared towards Customer Service. Those of us who remain as fragments of the past where this community was the go-to spot for Oculus VR collaboration are the exception to the rule.


That's why the Index thread is the most popular thread on the General Forum. Because the party has moved over to Facebook.


So the low-post-wonders are here doing exactly what this forum is intended for nowadays. Respectfully, the only real problem are the few regulars who try to use this forum to campaign against Oculus and Facebook, and try to make it seem like Oculus VR has lost interest due to this forums change in activity. It's obvious that the party moved to Facebook, but some choose to ignore that fact and instead make it seem like the party died.


Although such things aren't a real problem I suppose; just a minor nuisance. Albeit a persistent one lol

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I think there's an element of truth to both arguments.

I'd really like to see the forum decluttered or condensed, at least without the post previews. Moderation has become a bit of a pain too, for example, I can't just delete an offending post, I have to move it to a deleted folder and choose a host of options that go with that move... e.g. leave a placeholder, disable replies to that post or the whole thread, inform the poster etc etc. Same deal for a lot of other actions.

It's gotten just a bit too convoluted with so many options across the board for everyone, not just mods.


At the same time I think Zenbane has a point that the number of users with Oculus headsets now means tech queries are always going to be the no.1 reason to post now, far outnumbering the old-guard enthusiast type posts, and tbh enthusiasts started leaving way before the new forum kicked off.


The Index thread I think is a way to isolate from the anonymity of the new type of tech query poster. It's probably being used as a sort of forum within a forum for some of the old guard who aren't necessarily here for Oculus reasons and it's kind of funny that it's the most popular thread, in contrast to the headset itself probably having a third of the user base of Oculus headsets, ignoring stand-alone, but at the same time understandable as it's a way to isolate. And I have no issue with it at all 🙂


But yeah, I'm all for declutter.


I also have a suggestion that there's a section of the forum for non-Oculus hardware, rather than include it in the General section. I think general should mean non-Quest or Rift specific, or relating to non-manufacturer specific VR. The Index thread was originally created by Techy to avoid the arguments of having non-Oculus hardware discussions permeate through other threads in a slightly antagonistic way, as happens form time to time. This can happen when occasionally people use Pimax/Vive/HTC thread creation to be a little in-your face to Oculus users.


By having a specific non-Oculus hardware section, there can be no arguments.

Just my thoughts!

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Or creating 'old-timers' section and move there Index and all other like threads 😄

That's a good idea too!


And I guess I would amend my original statement. The Index thread isn't the "most popular," as that would imply a large number of community members participating in it. The Index thread is simply the thread that is "bumped the most." And the bumping really only occurs by the same 2-3 people.


The most popular topic on this forum is clearly... Customer Support. lol

@Zenbane  I gotta agree that the Index thread is getting a bit much, even for me, lol!  Unfortunately, this whole new forum is getting pretty hard to take.  I think I'll just give it a holiday for a while and just check Oculus blogs and Release notes once in a while.  Really nothing here for me anymore.  Bye and cheers.

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Level 4

The forums are still atrociously frustrating. How can I find any of my previous threads or new threads that I create? Doesn't seem possible.


I created a new thread and it's absolutely nowhere to be found a couple of days later.

The "notification" section appears almost random in what ends up there -- it certainly isn't complete or consistent. 


The list view not showing the last post date, is just confusing and not how most other popular forums on the internet work.


The fact that four things in a summary list item are the exact same font + font weight (original post time, title, the level of the user, and the name of forum), yet two of them are links (the only links to view a thread) and two aren't, making it non-user friendly. Clicking in to view a thread shouldn't take any guess work. 


The forums and messages are clunky and slow and take up way way way too much space. Too much scrolling and guesswork. Again, you've basically just re-invented a round wheel into a square wheel, for no reason except to try to appear cool.

Yep fully agree they are currently pretty bad.

Hope Oculus takes some of the provided feedback in this thread and make a few changes.

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> How can I find any of my previous threads or new threads that I create?

You could use a link to your profile page (click on own or any other forum name):


> The "notification" section appears almost random in what ends up there

You could use thread Options and "subscribe" to get notifications. Or post a reply to a thread.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Maybe the easier option is just to use the search, clicking on the magnifying glass brings up additional search options including specifying username.

Intel 5820K OC@4Ghz, Titan X (Maxwell), 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4, ASRock X99 Taichi, Samsung 500Gb 960 Evo M.2, Corsair H100i v2 Cooler, Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3 card, Windows 10 Pro v20H2 (19042.964)

You could even subscribe to that search results like an RSS. 😲