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New Oculus Quest content preview trailer!!!!!

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Volunteer Moderator
I am LOVING the marketing here.
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Someone paired up a comparison to Robo recall on Quest and Robo Recall on Rift.

There's some proof for anyone who still thinks that Quest graphics will be close to Rift after the first dead and buried demo. Still, you aren't buying a mobile headset for AAA graphics, it's for convenience and being untethered. More colorful/cartoony games are going to be great like Beat Saber and Superhot. Overall I'm pretty excited for Quest.

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Looking at the video, the lack of dynamic shading/lighting almost makes it look a bit fake (prerendered 2d objects). But that would simply be too off-putting in VR, so I doubt that's the case.
Are there first hand reports from someone who tried it?
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Wildt said:

Looking at the video, the lack of dynamic shading/lighting almost makes it look a bit fake (prerendered 2d objects). But that would simply be too off-putting in VR, so I doubt that's the case.
Are there first hand reports from someone who tried it?

Not sure, but I mean you're taking a game that was basically a tech demo to showcase The Rift's potential and stripping it way down so it can run on a Snapdragon 835. It's probably not the best game to port but it's so fun ripping robots apart that it's still worth it.

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Yeah, most of the other launch titles seem like a good match for the Quest hardware, but I fear the RR universe is gonna look pretty bland.
Not that I care - I've shelved that game long ago πŸ™‚
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This is supposedly an official screenshot of Robo Recall on Quest:
Looks way better than what we saw previously.

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This shot looks a lot better.

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I was thinking the exact same at the same time πŸ˜› ^^
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Posted at same time  =P

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Hi guys,

Pax East 2019 I had the chance to try out the Oculus Quest for a long
time (2 days), also I've been at the OC5 and tried it there.

So what can I say about the headset? I will tell you in different categories:

Display and lenses:

Quest has a 1600x1440 OLED pentile matrix display per eye at 72Hz. The
SDE is definitely still visible and you can compare it with the Vive
Pro. Its visible but it didnt bother my during my gameplays. Colors and
black levels are very good.
The Quest has Fresnel lenses, but they
are different then the lenses of the old Rift and much better. I didn't
notice any GodRays. For the sweetspot I need around 2 to 3 seconds to
get it at the right position and also during gameplay I was never off
the sweet spot, so this is totally fine for me.
There is some light leakage at your nose, so for people that dont like it, this could be a problem.
field of view has no official numbers, but for me it felt a little bit
smaller than the old Rift or Vive, but didnt really bother me during my

front is from plastics and you can see fingerprints on it when you
touch it. The Quest is not the most beautiful heaset, but I really dont
care about this. It looks still better than the Rift S for me.

Comfort / weight:
comfort of the Quest is good, I didnt have any problems during a 4-hour
constant session. Also its not getting to hot under the headset. Of
course the weight is on the front, but its pretty good spreaded over
your head with the headstrap.

Controllers / tracking:
controllers are the same for Quest and Rift S. During my sessions I
didnt really feel a difference between the old Touch Controllers and the
new one. The buttons are reachable pretty good. I only had a problem
with the battery cover two times while playing Beat Saber. The magnet
doesnt seem to be strong enough and sometimes I opened the cover
The tracking is as I expected better than WMR tracking
because of 4 cameras, but it's not as good as Rift S tracking. When you
hold the controllers behind your back they work for 1 second and then
tracking is gone. Same when you hold the controlls directly in front of
the headset. Aiming while holding controllers in front of each other was
not a problem, also bow and arrow games are no problem.
The Quest tracking takes a split of a second longer than Rift S to recover tracking after you held it behind your back.
However I think in 99% of cases it should be fine.

Performance / battery life:
Quest has a Snapdragon 835 integrated and it performs very good in all
situations I had, even during recording at the same time. I never had
the feeling to be lower than 72 fps. I really hope this will be the case
in all upcoming games as well.
After a 4 hour session the Quest had
still some battery left. I didnt play all the time, I was in menu, some
minute in standby and most of time in games like Beat Saber, Dance
central and other stuff. So the battery life really depends on what you
doing and I'd say its from 2 to 4 hours.

Face cover / cleaning:

can remove the face cover in one part, thats not a problem, also you
can reach most parts to clean sweat for example. There will be different
face cover, one for glasses for example.

Wearing glasses:
Quest doesnt have the possibility to change the distance between eyes
and lenses (like Rift S), so its a little bit tigth there, but it
definitely works. Check out my video unter this review, you can see my
test with pretty big sunglasses.

IPD adjustment:

Quest has mechanical IPD adjustment and this is great (better than Rift
S with software IPD). So there are no official numbers, but I'd say it
goes from 58 to 72mm. I for myself have 60mm and had no problems with
the minimum settings.

Connectors / Sound:

Quest has two 3.5mm audio jacks, one on each side, so you can use your
own headphones. And you should, because the integrated sound that comes
through a small slot is pretty bad. I didnt hear anything even with
maximum settings at a loud environment.The USB-C connector can be used
to recharge the Quest and to transfer files (gameplay recordings for
example) to the PC. When you connect it, make sure you hit "allow"
button inside the headset.

was not finished yet, so it doesnt make much sense to talk about it.
However expect sth very very similar to Oculus Rift and Go experience.
You can setup different roomscale areas that the headsets recognizes and
also set standing experience. You can use the two cameras for video
passthrough of the two cameras (black and white view of your real
The Quest will start with 50 release titles.

Price / who should buy it:
64GB version will be 399$, 128GB version will be 499$. Release is spring 2019.
you already own a PC, you should perhaps go for a PC headset, because
the Quest cant play the best PC VR games. A standalone headset never
will have so much power. However if you're travling a lot or dont have a
PC (from GTX 1080) you should definitely go for the Quest, because its
the best standalone headset, its easy to use and you can play a lot of
games on it!

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Level 14
i must admit the questr could be cool outside. i am definitely not buying at launch but the notion of drawing a 6m x 15m box at the bottom of my garden and having that as my play space is pretty compelling. would be good for fitness games too wiith no limits to boundaries.
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