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New Releases on Rift and Gear VR for September 1st

Level 5
There's a lot available this week for both Rift and Gear VR!


Damaged Core
Solitaire VR by Tripp
SDV VR Experience

Gear VR
Wrath of Loki
Mr Cat’s Adventure
To the Homeland

360 Photos Featured Destination - Venice: Bridges, Canals, Architecture, and Art



From the makers of Conduit comes Damaged Core, the premiere first-person VR shooter built from the ground up for Oculus Rift. With a compelling 10+ hour campaign against the networked artificial intelligence known as the Core, you will be immersed in a war against robotic armies bent on destroying mankind to further their own evolution.
Developer: High Voltage Software
Price: $29.99 (Special Offer: Buy Damaged Core on or before Sept 6 and get beta access to Dragon Front)


Play your favorite solitaire games in the luxury, warmth and grandeur of the Baron's ancient mountain keep. Klondike, Freecell, Yukon... They're all there - each deck placed around the magical keep. But be careful — the keep is old and holds hidden secrets!  Do you dare unlock its ancient tales? 
Developer: Tripp Inc.
Price: $4.99


Discover your inner awareness of the now. ZEN SPLASH VR is a stylized game inspired by the concept of Zen. Various objects will hurtle towards you, which you must continuously dodge. Through intense concentration on the present moment, you will enter a state of flow, and emerge out of the game refreshed and relaxed.
Developer: RhinocerosHorn
Price: $4.99


If you want to know what it’s like to be in an Undersea SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV), this realistic simulation will take you there. Ride along and immerse yourself in this underwater operational environment.
Developer: Mass Virtual
Price: Free

Ballanced, a high-flying aerial puzzler challenging you to navigate your ball through a series of treacherous levels full of obstacles and enemies while collecting coins along the way. With its realistic physics and external factors such as wind and rain, it will take an expert player to complete the 24 increasingly difficult levels. 
Developer: Brian King
Price: $4.99

Gear VR


Brought to you by acclaimed VR game developer Hidden Path Entertainment, Hypercade brings a modern spin to nostalgic arcade action in VR. Play four incredible arcade classics — Space Swarm, Crazy Critters, Robo Rush, Breaker Blaster — each with its own unique take on fan favorites of yesteryear.    
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment
Price: $2.99

Enter the fantasy world of Asgaard, the mythical land of Nordic gods. Play as the mighty Thor, God of Thunder, as you battle the trickster god Loki in an attempt to stop Ragnarok, the mythical end of days.
Developer: The House of Fables
Price: $2.99

Welcome to Mr Cat's Adventure, a turn-based puzzle adventure game that takes place in an exquisite, smart, and perfectly designed world. Explore trees and subterranean caves, avoid deadly traps, exterminate monsters, and solve puzzles in this extraordinary visual experience.
Developer: FiresVR
Price: Free

Now you can step inside Manchester’s stadium and transport yourself to the game-day action. Cheer on your favorite team from across the world in an exclusive VIP suite. While watching, access a virtual control panel with player information, live statistics and team standings for a deeper dive into the match. Seamlessly follow the excitement around the field by switching your viewing angle at will. Launch highlights, interviews and more in the Replay Center, or join fans at the stadium to celebrate your Boys in Blue! 
Developer: Manchester City FC Ltd
Price: Free


Speed and reaction are your best friends in this stylized take on the traditional platformer. Run ahead, dodge obstacles and break walls, collect coins and jump…jump like you’ve never jumped. And maybе, just maybe, you will be the one who wins. 
Developer: Mixreality
Price: Free

360 Photo App

This week's featured destination in the 360 photo app is "Venice: Bridges, Canals, Architecture, and Art". You can view a sample below, or on 360 Cities, or in VR for both Rift and Gear VR. 


View on 360 Cities

Level 7
you know when an OS or platform get Solitaire, its SERIOUS!  All we need now is Minesweeper, and you know Oculus is legit
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Level 3

mbze430 said:

you know when an OS or platform get Solitaire, its SERIOUS!  All we need now is Minesweeper, and you know Oculus is legit

Minesweeper VR is already a thing! If you have touch - you can play it RIGHT NOW!

Level 2

Hi Guys! We've just started a
petition to SEGA about Alien Isolation native CV1 support here:

Perhaps it worths a try, we already have 500+
supporters! If you agree, please, sign!

Level 7
signed..sod it! The more games the

Level 3
More mediocre content. Hopefully some better quality games are in development. 

Level 12

stewjw said:

More mediocre content. Hopefully some better quality games are in development. 

You're going to be pretty happy in October; that's when a lot of the BIG titles (that have been in development for years) will start coming out.  Then again, if you consider Damaged Core to be "mediocre", you might be hard to please.

(Or you might not be planning to get Touch (right away), in which case a lot of these big upcoming titles won't be available to you  :sweat:  )
It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.

Level 5
patience, they will come. And if rift games dont tickle ur fancy, all vive games will be compatible with rift once touch is released 🙂