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New Rift cable ordered

Level 9
I just thought i would share this, just in case it might help to prolong the life of other peeps' cables

Where the cable is fastened to the frame of the Rift, by that clip, i had noticed some time ago that there was a fairly severe kink.  To cut a long story short, this kink is now starting to affect the operation of the Rift, causing it to temporarily black out.

While i am awaiting the delivery of my new cable, and you might want to do something similar, even if your cable is still working, i have fastened the cable more securely to the frame of the Rift, using one of those twist ties.  I have done this, after pulling enough cable, towards the Rift connector, to create less opportunity for the cable to be kinked.  The current clip allows the cable to be pulled tight and i have found happens quite a lot in normal use.

It's no disaster, as my original cable has lasted me since last June, but i will be trying to prolong the life of the replacement, at least initially, as described above.