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New web page?

Level 4
So why does launching Oculus now open a new freaking web page? 
Every time I start a game now and the Oculus software loads up I get a web page opening asking to connect my Facebook, I've done this several times but it keeps asking every single time.
It's a right pain in the ass so why is it doing it? is it a setting I can turn off ? because I can't see it, or is it simply a bug? 

Level 4
Nobody getting this issue? Every single time I get this...njkaej5s2ydn.png

Doesn't matter if I click grant access or not next time I go and launch Oculus or a game that launches Oculus I get this notification. 
If my actual web browser isn't open it'll even open it making the browser my active window not the game I'm in, meaning headset off or a quick visit to the Oculus desktop to close it and select the game again.