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Oculus systems

It is my understanding that we are going to have running ads on our systems.  I use my system to get away from reality and enjoy myself in the games.  I will not, nor do I want companies interrupting me with commercials.  This could be the final cause of death for Oculus.  Everyone please let Oculus know we will not put up with it.  


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @tsktsk2u2, there's a great thread on this topic already here.


The news you heard is that we're testing out the ability for developers to use ads in their own games, not the Oculus software, as an option for them to get alternative monetization for their work. 

Edit: Here's our blog post on this topic too, so you can get the most accurate information straight from the source.

Level 2

I hope you people will let us know which games have adds planted in so I can avoid them like the plague.