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Oculas link and Oculas Quest

Level 2

When ever i try and use my Oculas Link it shows that i can access Link in my setting but it doesn't show it in settings anywhere. it shows that im connected to my account and the Oculas Link on my computer. It doesn't automatically put me in Oculas home either. This happened out of nowhere after getting off for 2 hours. I've restarted both things multiple times, its something on the quests end. 


Level 16

There seems to be a bug with Air Link right now. When I have Air Link "on" via the PCVR Oculus Home, my Settings on Quest 2 won't work correctly. If I turn Air Link "off" on the PCVR Oculus Home, then my Quest 2 settings work fine, but I can't connect to my PC with Air Link.


I can see in my notifications that it says, Air Link stopped working.


This is likely a bug that will get sorted soon.

Level 16

After simply rebooting both my Quest and PC, the problem went away. I've also read that checking your Firewall settings can help (e.g. Windows Defender).