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Oculus 1

Lately, I have been playing my Beat Saber game and the touch controller (left) keeps going out. I have changed the batteries, and wiped the cameras. That has helped some. But I am still experiencing the misses. Can I buy replacement touch controllers separately for Oculus 1 ? If so where do I go? Thank you.

Five O


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! We've got a few things for you.


Here is a link to a list of our verified retailers. They may have some controllers for sale. However, we did officially end production on Quest 1's so it is possible they are not available.


That said, it may be worth your time to submit a ticket with us to see if we can assist you further. Feel free to give us a ticket here 


Finally, should you not wanna go down the ticket route, we can do some basic troubleshooting here on the forums. Just respond elaborating on the issue and we'll get started.