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Oculus Conduct Warnings

Level 12

I checked my mail yesterday and apparently somebody has reported me. Not only that it says Oculus agrees with them.

Apparently they can't tell me what I did and the email is from a donotreply. 

This all seems very odd, I mean why warn you and not tell you what you did?  They could at least point to the post with the issue.

I have got to be honest curiosity is burning a hole in my soul. 

So anybody want to guess what I did wrong? You can make it up if you like as long as it's funny 😉

Or maybe the reporter would like to let me know so I can curb my anti-social behavior in future. 

Also do I get an ASBO certificate I can hang in my Oculus home.

What's your opinion on this strange process as it is my first one on here after 5 years on the forum.

How far do you think they can go back in post time to report something. I have checked all my recent posts and it is all pretty innocuous stuff. o:) 


'Dear Luciferous,

One or more members of the Oculus community has reported your behavior, and we have determined that your conduct violates the Oculus Code of Conduct and/or Terms of Service.

The Oculus platform is meant to be a safe community to meet and interact with other users in virtual reality. When you engage with others on our platform:

  • You may not use any sexually explicit, abusive, obscene, hateful, or racially offensive language.
  • You may not harass, bully, or threaten other users.
  • You may not impersonate an Oculus employee, partner, or representative.

Future violations may result in further action, including but not limited to, suspension or termination of your Oculus account.

Thank you for your cooperation.'

- The Oculus Team


Level 12
I'll start off with this one on the subject of what animal would you like to come back as?

Klimentine said:

A pussy just begging for it?

Level 14
Hmmmmm I get not being allowed to question a decision publicly and if your post was removed it may not be possible to link to.. however at least they should put the offending post or the reason  in your personal  warning message otherwise like you say you may do it again.
Had any of your posts touched on religion or politics?
None of your posts I have seen have come across as offensive to me (not that I have seen them all of course) so perhaps you stubled into a no go topic or did you respond in kind to a troll post? IF I ever get in trouble it is usually for that reason. Some folk are quick to give it but can't take the reply..... 
Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR 🙂

Level 12
No, I am away on business, hardly even been posting really. Apparently if I do it again they are going to take action. Erm do what again. I am also a rare thread creator more of a casual commenter.

I rarely get involved in arguments and I think I only ever got into a big one couple years back about somebody posting about sexy school girls (I thought had no place on the forum) that got a little out of hand, which I ended up insulting the entire country of Japan. I am still getting rotten sushi in the post.

Level 8
Sadly this is the society we live in now, any precious snowflake can call "the police" and they'll be on you like a shot. No reasons given, no names, you're guilty until proven innocent, just because of someone's 'perceived' offence.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Are you sure it's forum related? I can't see anything on your account. We'd need @cybereality to see if it's something I can't see. If we do warnings you get put in jail (a forum thing where you can't make new threads).

My first thought is that somebody reported you for behaviour in a multiplayer game.

I used to love playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer (well, the one demo map). I was great as an engineer. I'd be the first up the beach to the wall and get my dynamite planted.
Another friendly engineer would come up and try to disarm my dynamite to plant their own (it was worth a lot of points to destroy the wall). But they'd take too long and mine would explode, killing them. They'd then immediately call for a kick vote. Everybody would get a vote notification to kick me from the server (with the reason as "team killing"). Nobody asked what happened, I'd just get kicked.

So did you play a multiplayer vr game recently? Maybe you won and a sore loser reported you?

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Level 12
That's the thing I have no idea what it is about. I spoke to Cyber and he said he could see somebody reported me but couldn't tell me anything more but he kindly offered to help me if it ever became a problem.

I don't play multi-player games. Not that I don't like them but the time I get to play is night time and my study is next to the kids room. So I would wake them up talking.

Yeah getting kicked is maddening. I used to play Medal of Honour in the day and I got so good people would often kick me from a server as 'I must be cheating'. Unfortunately it was more that I was a saddo with no life at the time. 🙂

I used to like the bomb setting mission in that especially if I remember Omaha Beach.
A little off topic but what the heck it's my thread everybody go nuts :).

I played a classic MOH Stalingrad  MAP in Pavlov recently. It was fantastic to go back there in VR, I feel I have come full circle.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Strange. That's something I can't see then. I've never heard of Oculus themselves (as in not forum staff or mods, our warnings work different) giving out forum warnings, just us doing it.

A week ago you did make fun of the vive wands (rightly so), maybe a vive troll got their feelings hurt? 🙂

The only multiplayer stuff I've done in VR is a little alt space vr and rec room ages ago and sometimes logging in to elite open world to stack missions. Nothing else. I gave up on competitive multiplayer years ago, I only like co-op lan parties for things like Swat 4 and Flashpoint (shows how long it's been).

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Level 12
Maybe but Oculus agreed with them ? 😄 Mind you we are all living in a multi-controller world now.

Yeah would hate to think Oculus are just being a bit lazy and just warning people without actually investigating any claim. Somebody could have been just pressing buttons. I presume they had to type in a message. ooooooo I want to know what it said.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Hmmm strange ? You'd think in this day and age that if you got a warning they'd let you know why ? Did you put on a deep scary voice alongside your user name? That could be quite scary you know  >:) did one forget thyself and swear ? Maybe we could have a swear jar ? Did you do really really good in a game and upset someone with a mega score ? Ohhh the choices are endless lol whatever it was don't do it again mmm'kay  😄
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