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Oculus Facebook Log On Loop Of Death CV1 Sorry there was a problem connecting your facebook account.

Level 2

so i have had oculus for years i haven't ever really had to log onto oculus unless i clicked log out first. It usually stays logged in and when i restart my pc it just automatically opens when the headset is plugged in or when it senses i put the headset on. until about 2 weeks ago when i came back from a 2 week vacation from 4/10 - 4/24. i got home turned on the pc and it asked me to log in, i thought weird but okay so i tried to log on and my facbook account has been merged for years. so it prompts me to log on using facebook okay, so i click continue as scott which is me them boom im right back to the oculus log on screen again and if i continue to do it multiple times in a row it will eventually give me a error message that says "Sorry, there was a problem connecting your Facebook account. Please try again later." I have tried everything. I worked with oculus support team for over a week. I have cleared cookies and browser catch. I have gone incognito, I have uninstalled and reinstalled oculus software, I have tried switch to a different default browser. oculus support has even unmerged the facebook account, i still could not log on with it unmerged i just got no log on using facebook prompt and no error message but it was still a log on loop. I remerged and still nothing. I finally did a factory reset on the desktop with a fresh install of windows and bam it worked for one day. then back to the log on loop of death. one other thing that worked for a couple days was i unplugged my router and plugged the network cord directly into the modem and that seemed to work for a couple days but now im back to the log in loop of death and plugging it directly into the modem wont work. ive played with fire wall setting and network settings to try to get it to work with no resolve. I really don't want to factory reset the pc again to only get one day out of it, if that will even work again. HELP!!! what is happening here? I have no problem logging on to my account at and my quest 2 works fine.


Level 2

I don't have any antivirus except Windows Defender (I had the free McAfee one with this laptop's purchase but it just became annoying with pop-ups here, there, and everywhere telling me to upgrade to premium)