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Oculus Mobile and PC SDKs being deprecated on August 31, focus changed to OpenXR

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Volunteer Moderator

I was annoyed that the PC SDK hasn't been updated since last year (still v23, while mobile has reached v29). But I guess it will never go higher, at the end of next month it's being deprecated and on August 31 2022 it's going unsupported.


Oculus is moving to focus on OpenXR instead. All new features will be done as OpenXR extensions.


The August 31 2022 date is also when Oculus will stop accepting new games that aren't OpenXR (existing ones will keep working).


Most people reading this aren't developers, so what does this mean? OpenXR is a cross platform API that lets a game run on any headset that provides an OpenXR runtime (Oculus, WMR, SteamVR) without code changes. Well, in theory, the reality isn't quite there yet.


I don't know how they are going to handle the Platform API (which checks if you own a game, etc), but if all new games become OpenXR, that may mean things like Revive won't be needed to play (new) Oculus store games on other headsets. That's just a guess, but if they are going OpenXR but not supporting cross platform then what's the point?


So, interesting times ahead.

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Nice! It's taken awhile - with many "walled garden" debates along the way - but seems the dev community finally got to where it needed to fully support cross-platform OVR.


This is great news, but yeah, the bigger challenges lie far ahead come post-implementation.

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Maybe worth mentioning - if some users are worried their games and apps suddenly will no longer work next year - that this should not be the case - but games using native Oculus drivers (SDK) will be unsupported August 2022 (I've put some text in bold):



Oculus Native Mobile and PC APIs Will Eventually be Unsupported

A year from now, on August 31, 2022, Compatibility Support for Oculus Native Mobile and PC APIs will end and they will be Unsupported. Existing applications will continue to function on Oculus devices, but our level of support will change.


Unsupported means that we:

  • Will require new applications to use OpenXR, unless a waiver is provided

  • Will be unable to provide access to Oculus Native Mobile and PC APIs but will allow existing applications to continue to use them.

  • Can provide recommendations for migration of existing applications to OpenXR via guides but are unable to assist with creation of new applications with Oculus Native and PC APIs

  • Reduce QA testing of Oculus Native Mobile and PC APIs to automated only to ensure core features are functional

  • Fix only critical security, privacy, or safety bugs in Oculus Native and PC APIs



Most of the games I play using native Oculus drivers need no new patches and haven't been patched for years (for example Wilson's Heart and Chronos), thus not sure users will feel the transition much... Like Kojack stated, the transition seems more relevant for devs. 

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> ... that may mean things like Revive won't be needed...


>  Existing applications will continue to function on Oculus devices, but our level of support will change.


It could be we will need Revive in the future to run Oculus games on Oculus 😄

Some driver to convert old api to new api calls.

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It's great to move to OpenXR standart!

But how about Avatar API and friends list?

VR platform now is more like OS itself. It provide lot's of useful services.

Will there be open source services to replace those for OpenXR app outside of any store? And will those be popular? Same as with chats, you need those where are your friends. So you will select "which of social platform you will like to connect to" with your OpenXR app 🙂

Ah...wait... there is only 1 VR social platform for now :))


Anyway, would be great to be able to run any OpenXR app from "unknown source" with any VR device (even app which is not connected to any platform api).