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Oculus Quest 3 and PSVR 2 coming in 2022

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Looks like we have some reliable news from a reliable source: The supply chain for Quest's lenses.


Important Take-Aways:

  • Both Facebook and Sony's next-generation VR headsets will launch in 2022, based on supply chain orders for lenses.
  • These new lenses are more advanced and will cost more to produce, which should deliver greater clarity and a wider field of view.
  • Kuo estimates that 8-9 million Quest 2's will be shipped in 2021, while Facebook will be shipping 18-20 million VR headsets in 2022.


Quite a lot to be excited about if this news proves to be true! 


The improved lenses will be a warm welcome, and continue to solidify Quest's place as the leading PCVR HMD globally.


On top of that, with the sales estimates, Quest may very well be the first HMD in history to sell in the 10's of millions.


2022 is looking like it could be the year we all need coming out of 2020-2021!


Full Article:


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Always nice to have something to look forward to!  Thanks.

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2022 may be an exciting year for vr. The disappoint for me when the quest 2 came out was the fov being reduced. But it was probably neccesary to increase clarity and keep the cost down. I would like the next gens to finally start increasing the fov with every new headset. Psvr for me has always had a noticeably larger fov even when comparing with the cv1 that claimed 110. At that time sony said theirs was 100. I think sony was the only company to be honest about the fov. I know these new lenses will have wider fov and clarity. I will buy the quest 3 and psvr2. Fun times ahead.

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Just want to point out, despite the title of the article, the analyst actually says the next Oculus headset could be the Quest3 or the Quest Pro; so perhaps the Quest2Pro releases in 2022. Either way, it'll be the next reiteration of the Oculus headsets.


As the Oculus Quest 2 enters its second year of existence, supply chain analysts believe we will see an Oculus Quest 3 hit the shelves. That, or an Oculus Quest Pro, depending on what Facebook's headset strategy turns out to be.

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Yeah, I am leaning towards Quest 2 Pro as the official release title of the product.


Or maybe we'll get lucky and get BOTH a Quest 3 and Quest 2 Pro in the same year? 😛

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Volunteer Moderator

I'm eeking out as much life from my Quest 1 and Rift-S as possible... the Quest has a couple small sun damage lines on the screen so a Quest 2 was looking like no-brainer but other big-ticket essential purchases have changed my priorities this year.


And GPU availability/prices make upgrading for PCVR a complete no-go for me. Sooooo.... 2022 might be the year to reconsider. And if GPU availability is still naff, I can at least have some stand-alone worth from a Quest 3/Quest 2 pro and carry on with the Rift-S for PCVR with my increasingly ancient Titan.


Roll on 2022.

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if i am well enough i will try to get one.

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