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Oculus Rift display doesnt turn back on if I take the rift off (Found temporary fix)

Level 3
So ever since the last update on 2/09/18, whenever I take off my VR headset while in game for more than 15 seconds, the moment I try putting the headset back on the display stays off and it wont work again until I restart the oculus software. I've tried reinstalling, didnt fix it. I heard other people in games like VRChat having this issue, but I havent heard anything on the forums about it so I thought I'd bring it up. 
This bug pretty much makes it so I must keep my headset on at all times because the second I take it off, the display wont turn back on unless I restart my computer pretty much, and its incredibly annoying. Anyone else having this issue?

Note: Found a temporary fix. If you have guardian system, turn it off. Ever since I turned it off the display turns back on when I put the headset back on. Still, I love guardian system. I hope they fix this bug soon.

Level 3
If I use the Oculus & let it go to sleep & play it the next day I need to reboot my system almost Everytime. Restarting Oculus home doesn't fix the issue. Just stays in sleep mode with the yellow light on.