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Oculus Rift sensor not tracking at all

Level 2

I am not sure if this has been posted anywhere or if anyone has a similar issue, google searches do not return anything quite like this, but I am having issues with one of my 2 oculus sensors. The device picks up fine, oculus software shows the device and says its tracking is fine, however, if I cover the other sensor with my hand or something it becomes very obvious that only that sensor which is now blocked was doing all the work. If only the 'broken' sensor is plugged in there is no tracking whatsoever, although I can launch the software and use it, I am just stuck in place with no positional tracking (I can look around but I take it the sensors in the headset are responsible for that.)

This issue only started about 2 months ago randomly, and up until then I have not had a single issue like this. The CPU I am using on the PC is under the recommendation (2nd gen i7), however I do not think this is the issue since for over a year now its been fine.

I have tried reinstalling the Oculus software, tried different usb ports, reinstalling drivers, and am not sure if there are any other suggestions as to what I could do? I am willing to open my sensor to fix it as I am in South Africa and it will be significantly cheaper and easier for me to try something here than to send the sensor back overseas to get it checked or whatever. 

Any suggestions will help ๐Ÿ™‚


Level 16
It could be a USB issue, a USB add-on card may help.
Otherwise, it's likely the sensor stopped working and will need to be replaced.
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