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Oculus Support is a Joke

Level 2

I've been in an ongoing "support" ticket for almost a month now (request 2471690) and even after "escalated" not only has my problem not been resolved but the support tech just keeps answering with the same response and asking the same questions when I have answered them time and time again. All for a simple issue of not being able to add a payment method to my account. They keep telling me to use a different bank with a different account which first of all....why would I change banks just for one piece of broken software? Regardless I have tried to add friends and family members who were willing to let me add their accounts to test these claims with and their cards and accounts won't add either (different banks and different account). This is obviously an issue with the software or a glitch with my account and they are doing nothing but lead me down this email chain that is almost 40 threads deep now. 

You'd think a multimillion dollar company would want you to give them money on their apps store but apparently they don't.

Hopefully nobody else has to experience this pain.

Happy VRing, wish I could join in but my headset has been a $400 paperweight since I got it.


Level 3

Nice to see that Oculus Support seems so interested in this issue that is impacting many people.

Level 16

Have you tried to add a PayPal account? My account works flawlessly with both credit cards and PayPal, never had any problems.

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