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Oculus Touch order has processed!

Level 9
I just got an email from Oculus that my Touch order has processed and to look for shipping information soon! I also got a charge to my Paypal account. Awesome, i'm feeling super excited again!

Hi Patrick,

Your order has been processed! Look for a shipping confirmation email with tracking information soon.

Please keep this email handy for reference. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact Oculus Support.

- The Oculus Team


Level 7
A lot of people from Finland were among the first to get the processing emails.

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Level 8
Have any aussies ordered Touch controllers and been charged yet ?  Wondering what the total cost with shipping ends up being.  Waiting to hear how good they are and what is most fun games available.  Been away from gaming, computing and rifting for several months but may return sooner or later.

Level 8
Well, hopefully I get mine processed today
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Level 4
Mine will be here tomorrow in Arizona by UPS. 

Level 4
Just curious and off topic, anyone know how long the usb 3.0 extension cable that will come with Oculus Touch's extra sensor will be?

Also, Amazon confirmed release date delivery for me. This is going to be the longest weekend yet, eagerly awaiting Tuesday!

Level 13
@eliteNrG the extension cable that comes with the third sensor you order is 5M 🙂
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Level 8
Now if only we knew if it was an active or passive extension
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Volunteer Moderator

FrozenPea said:

@eliteNrG the extension cable that comes with the third sensor you order is 5M 🙂

That's 16' if you're American.  😉

Along with the 2.5 m (8') cable that's attached to the sensor, that gives you a pretty long leash to place your extra sensor.

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it's also 576 barleycorns in my village

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