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Oculus TrayTool - SuperSampling profiles, HMD disconnect fixes (hopefully)

Level 8
Oculus Tray Tool  
current version: 0.87.3

What is it?
In short; It’s a free application that helps you get the most out of your Rift. It is developed by me, ApollyonVR, with the support of the community for beta testing. Please note that this application is not an official piece software from Oculus, I am not affiliated with Oculus in any way. Any issues you
have with this application should be reported to me and not Oculus support. You can reach me here on the forums or by contacting me at

Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) has many features that will hopefully help you get the very best VR experience. It has options that help you automatically switch audio and microphone to the Rift and back, handle the Oculus runtime service, voice commands, batch import Steam games (added to OTT by the awesome @headkaze over at, replace icons for your games and more.

It’s primary feature however, is the ability to create “Profiles” for you VR Games and apps.
Within these Profiles, you set how Asyncronous SpaceWarp (ASW) should act, increase the perceived resolution by using Supersampling and increase the CPU Priority of a given app to get the most juice out of your system for that specific application.
Once a Profile has been created for a game or app, OTT will detect when it is started and apply the
profile for it, without the need for taking your headset of.

If you want to have a peek at all the things OTT can do for you before installing the application, check the User Guide pdf. The latest version of this application will always be right below this intro, but the app also checks for available updates on startup.

Enjoy, have fun and please report any issues, suggestion or feature requests to me using the above mentioned methods. Oh, and feel free to buy me a coffee by using the PayPal button in-app. 🙂
The very nice people over at have been kind enough to host some mirrors for the setups, so make sure to pay them a visit!
UPDATE 04/20
Thanks to my awesome girlfriend, OTT now has a new home! Check out the new website over at for current and future downloads. Feel free to continue
using this forum for discussions and bug reports.
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Level 3
Requesting the 0.82.1 beta. Thanks!

Level 2
Hi ApollyonVR 
I am getting this error when opening could not open oculus database 
Could you please send me the new Beta 

Level 2
Hello, I am also getting "Cant open data base or HMD isnt connected. ...." error notification. May please get a copy of the bata as well. I loved how great Elite was your tool. Please and thank you.

Level 2
Problem for me, the app looks for a 'Manifests' folder ... never find 😞

Level 2
OK, just have to create it 😉

Level 8
Version 0.82.1 is up on the first page, should hopefully resolve most issues.


Level 4
One bug that is still present in the new version (0.82.1) that I am not sure has been reported before:

When looking at the Oculus Library: View and Edit, it doesn't show all 3rd party entries. A lot are missing. I suspect this is because they have identical titles. I.e. Onward and Dolphin are both just called vrserver.exe in the Oculus library. However I therefore have no way to edit the icon from the missing games

Level 15
After first installing this version  DCS was not showing up in the profiles, after messing around in the tool shortly after boom there it was. Not sure why...
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Level 4
@ApollyonVR Is there a way of building in a hotkey to reset the play view? When I'm showcasing the view often needs to be reset and not all games have an inbuilt reset.

The Oculus menu button version is OK, but cause I'm not wearing the HMD it's difficult to explain to the wearer which button to press. A universal hotkey in your app would be awesome!

.... Or is this where you tell me it already exists in the app. Haha.

Level 2
The Stop oculus service when tool exits and Close oculus home on tool exit options are not working for me. I have to manually stop the service before closing OTT.

Windows 10 1709 with admin account.
Oculus app version