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Oculus TrayTool - SuperSampling profiles, HMD disconnect fixes (hopefully)

Level 8
Oculus Tray Tool  
current version: 0.87.3

What is it?
In short; It’s a free application that helps you get the most out of your Rift. It is developed by me, ApollyonVR, with the support of the community for beta testing. Please note that this application is not an official piece software from Oculus, I am not affiliated with Oculus in any way. Any issues you
have with this application should be reported to me and not Oculus support. You can reach me here on the forums or by contacting me at

Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) has many features that will hopefully help you get the very best VR experience. It has options that help you automatically switch audio and microphone to the Rift and back, handle the Oculus runtime service, voice commands, batch import Steam games (added to OTT by the awesome @headkaze over at, replace icons for your games and more.

It’s primary feature however, is the ability to create “Profiles” for you VR Games and apps.
Within these Profiles, you set how Asyncronous SpaceWarp (ASW) should act, increase the perceived resolution by using Supersampling and increase the CPU Priority of a given app to get the most juice out of your system for that specific application.
Once a Profile has been created for a game or app, OTT will detect when it is started and apply the
profile for it, without the need for taking your headset of.

If you want to have a peek at all the things OTT can do for you before installing the application, check the User Guide pdf. The latest version of this application will always be right below this intro, but the app also checks for available updates on startup.

Enjoy, have fun and please report any issues, suggestion or feature requests to me using the above mentioned methods. Oh, and feel free to buy me a coffee by using the PayPal button in-app. 🙂
The very nice people over at have been kind enough to host some mirrors for the setups, so make sure to pay them a visit!
UPDATE 04/20
Thanks to my awesome girlfriend, OTT now has a new home! Check out the new website over at for current and future downloads. Feel free to continue
using this forum for discussions and bug reports.
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Level 8
@azizj Could your antivirus be blocking it?

Level 5
What's your method for re-enabling third-party apps that have been removed from Oculus Home? Just wondering out of curiosity in case I ever wanted to do it manually.

Level 2
Just an update to the problem i had. I swapped out the old hdmi to DP adapter i had on monitor and also reinstalled nvidia drivers...sofar so good, not sure which one was the culprit

Level 9
Minor request : Could you add the"pixel density" value to the "performance screen" on the HUD ?

Because basically I have all the information I need in the "performance screen" except for that "pixel density" value, which makes it the only reason why I have to swap between both HUD display types a lot.

Level 3
I get an error message pop up when starting the latest version of OTT. I'm on Windows 7.

Image attached.

Level 3
spoofing still doesn't work 😞

Level 4
Hi there

How is this working with the Dash beta? Your tool didn't seem to kick in when I played yesterday. Seems that Dash is stopping OTT from injecting to games now.

Level 8
@Citric Working hard on the new version now, will ping you when i get the chance and we can see what can be done about that.
@keem85 Haven't had time to actually test fully yet, been busy getting other (new) stuff to work. Might be that the debugtool is not yet updated to work with Dash, will take a peek asap.

Level 2
hey apollyonVR. really love this tool. helped me a ton with disconnects.

the only gripe i have that it doesnt automatically update or at least have an update function. is somthing like that planned? maybe a simple check for updates button or something so that we dont always have to check manually in this thread. (or am i too dumb and thats already implemented and i am just not seeing it)

Level 4
With the new Dash I now get an error message on startup about a manifest file. I'll do some more testing and see if I can track it down.