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Oculus VR / Facebook Acquisition - Low Key Fifth Anniversary?

Level 15
Compared to the July 2012 founding of Oculus VR following the Kickstarter campaign - the Facebook stated $2billion acquisition (later revealed in court proceedings to be in the range of $3billion) in March 2014 seemed an important milestone. So I was kinda surprised that the Five-Year anniversary has gone past with little fanfare.

I suppose much of this was obscured by the launches of the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift-S. But I thought it may be interesting just to hear some comments about how this forum feels the past five years have gone - and what they think the future holds? 

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Level 15
Well it's pretty obvious for anyone with any sense that Facebook acquiring Oculus has not only been great for Oculus but great for VR in general.

There's well over half a billion dollars invested in developers so far and most of the top rated VR games wouldn't exist without that investment.

Then you have to take into account the number of headsets in homes right now. If it wasn't for the aggressive pricing of the Rift since it launched HTC would probably still be trying to sell the Vive for $799 😄

Some people (including my good self) are disappointed with their decision to postpone the Half Dome/CV2 this year but they've actually done this for the good of VR.

People aren't buying the Pimax and Valve are going to struggle to sell the Index when the launch window has come and gone, and because GabeN likes his doughnuts too much we won't see that price being cut any time soon.

There hasn't been any fanfare over this fifth anniversary because there wasn't any for the first four either.
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