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Oculus and Facebook

I have been locked out of my account due to 2fa and a new phone number, all my games purchased  over the last 3 years are lost with my account. I have a oculus 1 and 2. Oculus 1 was under the oculus umbrella, the 2 was merged with Facebook. I am not sure what the hell is going on but Facebook has my correct new phone number but oculus still has the old one which comes up with the 2fa verification. I cannot get into either oculus device . I have been sending emails with my drivers license for 45 days now for help, not ONE response from this company and I do give them my correct email that is on file and nothing in spam junk etc.  What is strange is that Facebook has my correct phone number. Is the Oculus support non existent? I am reaching out again to forum members for help. I had to create a new oculus ID just to post this because my original ID is locked out. My oculus ID is fizzy_2010. Actually my son used these devices but I am pissed because I’m the one paying for the 750 dollars worth of games. It may be a capital F on fizzy , I can’t remember. Thanks. 


Level 16

Did you open a Support Ticket?

Yes , probably over 20 . No response