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Oculus for Business - No response from sales


I'm trying to get in touch with somebody from the oculus for business sales team.

The last 6 weeks I already submitted the forms on the business site three times by now without getting any response at all.

I also even tried to reach out to them via facebook.


To say the least I'm a bit shocked about this. I would expected at least any response like "Sorry, we are not able to offer oculus business to you, because ..." or "We received your request, we will get back to you on..."


Currently I'm just under the impression oculus just does not want to sell their devices to business customers. Even describing that this initial interest in buying quest for business is about evaluating the quest as solution for company-wide use in a globally operating, rather large enterprise.


So would someone from community support please provide me with a way to contact business sales or make sure they get in contact with me.


This is quite frustrating.

Best regards

Christian Alles