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Oculus hardware idea (rifle using oculus touch)

Level 4
Friendly greetings ! 

I hope it will somehow reach developers or someone inside oculus.

I was thinking about what's required to make a VR rifle.
It strike me that all it need is to have 2 controllers at a fixed position/orientation relative to each-others and we already have the very awesome oculus touch.

The idea is : instead of developing a new device entirely, why not simply build some kind of passive hardware that attach to the 2 touch in some kind of rifle shaped thingy ?

The battery holder can be removed and used at an attachment point for the device.
And please make it configurable so it can be adapted to different arm length.
The index trigger of the touch is already at the perfect position for a rifle trigger and all the thumbs buttons can be used without any problem.

The 2 touch are already perfects for a VR rifle, they just need to be attached  to something to keep them in a fixed position relative to eachothers.

Too bad the battery holder is the only possible attachment point but maybe it can be sorted out by smarts engineers 😄

PS : whatever you do, don't forget the left handers, or the right handers with a left dominant eye (i'm a right hander and can use both eye but i know people in this situation).