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Oculus home and friends list.

Level 5
Hi cyber I was wondering is there any inside info about any future home updates that will allow us to directly contact via messages or even voice speak to friends within our friend list on oculus home?? It stands to reason that if you have a friends list in home then you should be able to contact them ??

Level 16
There are more social features planned, but I don't have any ETA to when they'll be ready. Thanks.
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Level 5
kl thanks!

Level 3
Amy update on this?? As it is now I always miss the invites and when I do it's too late. We need to be able to write to each other and ask if you want to play and things like that. And I don't think we get any pop up or sound or anything when someone invite? How do I know xD This feels like something we need urgently now when touch is here and so many multiplayer games. I don't speak English usually and get intimidated when I get into a game with random people speaking fluent English. I can speak English but need to get used to it and with random people is not doing it for me 😉 So pleeeeease give us a message system =D

Level 7
Hi Kudden, sent you a friend request.

You can hang out with us and we'll teach you how to say all the wrong things in English all the wrong ways!