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Oculus serial number doesn't match the box

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I bought an Oculus Quest 2 in late June just this vear. I used the device for a while until i noticed the device was not able to recognize the level of the floor properly. I took the initiative of returning the product to Target for this defect on the 26th day
after my first purchase date. Since Target's return policy is 30 days, I was safe on this end.
However, to my surprise, the associates there refused to take the return after they noticed the serial number from the device did not match the serial number from the box it belonged to. Now this would be a perfectly reasonable reason for any store to refuse a return, since the obvious assumption was that I placed another defective one I had laying somewhere and put it in the box that i purchased the good one from at target and
try to return it to get my money back. However, I can solemnly affirm under oath that I did not do that and tried to convince the associated of this fact. They of-course didn't believe me and continued to refuse the return. I went back home and thought what recourse I have. I decided to contact Meta's customer service about this issue of 2 different serial #s and they affirmed that the 2 different serial numbers is in fact how Meta makes all these devices and that it is not an anomaly. So all Oculus Quest 2's ever built will have a serial number different from the box it is placed in. Meta's customer service agent confirmed that the Oculus I bought from target indeed matched the box's
serial number I had bought it with through running the 2 serial numbers through their data base. So they advised that I can take a record of the chat with them to the Target associates so they may have primary evidence of this reality and that no fraud has taken place.
To my surprise, Target associates continued to refuse the return citing the same reason: that the serial numbers dont match, which means I committed the fraud mentioned above
hence they must refuse the return on that basis.
They refused to take my chat with Meta's agent as evidence of my sincerity. They further stated that it is Target's store policy to refuse any Oculus Quest 2 that have a difference in the two serial numbers. I asked where that policy is written and they
refused to provide it. The associate further even stated that he has returned Oculus's in the past that have 2 different serial numbers. I told him that that would mean that
the meta agent i spoke to would be lying since they are telling me all Oculus's are built with the 2 different serial numbers. So who's saying the truth here? is it the associate who returned oculus's with two different serial numbers (a reality that Meta
agent has confirmed doesnt exist anywhere) or the Meta agent who confirmed the Oculus I bought form Target was appropriately placed in its box.
I googled the serial number issue and found another review of a person who tried to return their's to Best Buy. The review was placed in an official Meta's Oculus community.
Best Buy, he stated also refused the return for the same reason. In that post, The Oculus agent who replied to the customer of Best Buy stated the same. That the Oculus is
supposed to have a different serial number from the box it is bought with.
To make matters worst, I bought an oculus from the same store back in ~April, after noticing a different defect, I tried returning. the associate then returned it after looking at the serial numbers. I didn't of course I would run into this issue today so back then, I assumed the serial numbers were the same and the associate happily returned it for a full refund. This time around however, they refused. This would mean that the associate back then understood the fact of 2 different serial numbers. The associates from my second experience did not.

Thus, this whole mess must mean that others might also be going through the same problem. In the end, I highly recommend ppl to be diligent regarding this matter


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This question comes up pretty regularly and you'll find several threads on it.


The headset and each of the controllers all have unique serial numbers.

In addition, the package has a separate serial number. There's a page somewhere on Meta's support section explaining this but that page has an incorrectly worded final sentence saying that the S/N on the box is where you find the headset number when it should say the package number... Meta needs to correct that if that's what Target are using to refuse your return.


Although tbh I can't believe yours is the first return they've had (maybe it is!).

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