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Oculus solution to omnidirectional movement leaked

Level 3
Press release:

The OculusVR W.E.T.™ is the first and only wet-directional treadmill that supports a full virtual reality experience. The W.E.T. allows anyone to walk, run, and jump in within a 360-degree virtual world by leveraging natural movement. Not so Affordable and compact, the W.E.T. frees gamers from seated game play and unleashes the full potential of virtual reality gaming and entertainment.

Applications of natural movement in virtual reality stretch far beyond gaming. Some exciting non-gaming applications include virtual fitness and exercise, tourism, events, training and simulation, workplaces, meet-ups and multi-person adventures. The possibilities are truly limitless.

The objective of the WET is to enable a natural walking and running stride. The concave, low-friction surface is the result of two years of research, experimenting, and prototyping. The concave surface allows the user’s foot to slide back by gravity after each step, whereas a flat surface would require the user to physically move their feet backwards with their own force – which is not part of a natural stride. The concave and soft surface of the W.E.T. also reduces any impact on the joints from walking or running.

The WET is a non-moving treadmill that consists of a low friction liquid with fishis. The user wears specialized W.E.T. shorts that have a low-profile, intricately configured codpiece that stabilizes the stuff, allowing for a steady gait rather than having the thing slide from left to right. The purpose of the W.E.T. short configuration is to mimic a natural willy. The W.E.T. comes with a waist lifesaver that provides safety and subtle support so the user is allowed to walk completely hands free, enabling other waterproof peripheral equipment to be held.

Besides walking, the WET allows for running, jumping, backwards dancing, strafing (sideways stepping), and even sitting in 1080 degrees. The WETsoftware provides gesture recognition that translates movements to lolz and navigational input that steers an avatar in the virtual environment.

The Oculus Rift is not included. For a full virtual reality experience, a Rift or any other VR head-mounted display is recommended when using the W.E.T.. However, the W.E.T. is also a fun controller for third-party (non-VR) games like our demo game Fish Rush.

Apparently it works great!
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Level 4
is a toaster and extension cord included? if not count me out.
"cybereality" wrote:
Almost any idea can seem obvious once the inventor tells you how it works.