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Oculus vs SteamVR Dynamic Resolution Scaling

Level 3

I'm using the Quest 2 over AirLink and trying to smooth out some performance/glitching problems. I see that both the Windows Oculus software and SteamVR have their own dynamic resolution scaling options that are on by default. They're both supposed to scale dynamically depending on available resources, but if they're not aware of one another and not scaling in cooperation, I imagine it's possible for one to keep scaling "up" forcing the other to scale "down". For example, suppose if SteamVR thinks it has the resources to increase the resolution, but then Oculus sees those same resources being taken away so it lowers its resolution. Rather than balancing the two out, they become 'lopsided'. SteamVR could be wasting resources pushing higher resolution to Oculus just for it to downscale it, or vice-versa. I wonder if one should be set statically and the other dynamically?