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Official (I just got my VorpX Key) Thread

Level 16
Well I feel a little left out of the waiting game so...

Let's all wait for our VorpX keys!!!!

I sent the email around 1PM on 10/1/13. Let's see how long this takes.
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Level 2
I can't wait for people to start posting some reviews!

Level 2
Cybereality, I am a Tri Def client. Will VorpX be the leading beta driver? Whats your review of TriDef vs. VorpX?
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Level 5
To everyone waiting for the VorpX keys... here they are:

Del, the arrow keys, and shift (with the middle mouse button).

You're welcome. :lol: 😛

Unfortunately, I can't afford it this week, and I already promised I'd put some money into medical research. But I'll buy it soon. It sounds awesome.

Level 2
Got my key. He must be staying up late as I got mine around 12 am. Thanks for putting in those long nights to get us are keys Ralph. I am looking forward to trying it out after work. 😄 I will post a review on a AMD system with a 7970 hopefully later tonight.

Level 2
"Frito" wrote:
...I heard the keys got stuck at customs

lol classic :lol:

so any good?? as I don't have PC at moment & will wait till I get it back

Level 2
My key was sitting in the spam folder for a few hours before I finally checked it.

First games running: Just Cause 2 and Battlefield 3.
first question: FOV settings. If Vorpx can change the fov, which setting is that?
608** arrived.

Level 4
how was bf3 with the rift?
"cybereality" wrote:
Almost any idea can seem obvious once the inventor tells you how it works.

Level 2
Well I have been playing with Vorpx for a few hours now. I have to say when it works it works great. Of course this is in beta. I will say it is better than tridef in my opinion. I have not been able to get bioshock to work crashes once the game starts 😞 no farcry3 does not even try. Keep in mind I have not even tried to troubleshoot the things that do not work yet. I usually am able to get it figured out but I dont have the time to mess with it until the weekend. Now the games that did work Tomb raider 3,Dear Ester, Antichamber, Portal 2, Street Fighter x teken, half life 2 lost coast, far cry 2 that's all I have tried so far. Tomb raider 3 and far cry 2 and street fighter seemed to be in 2d no matter what 3d mode I put them in but the 2d experience was really good on the rift the headtracking is excellent. All the games that verio worked on worked with this but this was much much better. Excellent 3d and headtracking. Sorry Cyber. It is beta buggy some games crash its locked my pc up a couple times but when it works its excellent. I realize this is a tall order to retrofit older games to work with the rift. So far vorpx is the best one doing that right now. I look forward to updates and riding along as this software grows up.

Should you buy it for the 45 bucks ? Well if you are like me I have no regrets spending the money as I want to support this VR growth and I would have probably supported it if say it was on kickstarter before getting anything. If you want something very 110% polished then wait. If you like growing with the tech and betas go for it. I have tridef also and this is much much better thank tridef or verio at this time. Sucks it doesnt work on some games I was really wanting it to but then maybe I will get that worked out this weekend. I will post some more as I get more into it this weekend. AMD 8350 32 gig ram radeon 7970 latest beta driver (that could be part of the reason it is crashing on some games to be fair I am sure I will figure this stuff out this weekend and I will post what I learned if I get anything fixed up.) If you have an issue with my spelling or grammar O well I only have a few minutes to type and post this tonight.

Level 2
"Danamir" wrote:
Mail sent 01/10, status READY. 😛

Arrived this morning ; 48 hours later, as advertised. 😉

... And now, waiting for UPS to deliver my Rift, should be today.

Level 2
Just got mine!
41hrs after registering.
Cough cough, I feel ill and will be taking the rest of the day off work.
PEACE, I'M outta here!