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Oh my God it's worth the wait.

Level 8
Well in my opinion anyway.
My first step into VR, Was super excited, then a bit apprehensive with comments about resolution and lens flair, glasses etc.

I am a bit of am image whore currently running a 27" 165hz 1440p Predator. Powered by a GTX980Ti

Anyway set up a CV1 that came today... Already had the software installed. So basically plugged my camera in and used a camera mount to place it above my monitor. Then plugged the head set in via USB and HDMi. an that was it done. Found, done, set no calibration needed.

Go to Oculus home screen. Looks great, yep there is a little screen door(pixilation) but bloody hell for first generation I was really impressed, Same goes for the FOV, Don't know what it is and quite frankly don't care It's plenty wide enough for me. Same goes for resolution, yep it looks low after looking at my monitor. But on the other hand it's end less. swish my head from side to side showing a complete room.

Fire up lucky's tail, awww so cute, moving head in and out watching him wave to me when I get close. Start to move, whowwww motion sickness exists. Well that weird feeling of moving when your body isn't. Took me a little by surprise. Got used to it fairly quick, but yeah weird feeling.

Tried to get steam version of Project cars to work.... FAIL. going to have to read up on this I guess.

Tried dream deck. cool little demos, one with the two robots was my favourite, stood up looking around.

Quick go on elite and dangerous. First time to really see how far I can push the settings. Turns out I can put it on ultra and it sticks to 90FPS. That might have to be tweaked a little if things get busy in the heat of battle.

technical limitations/negatives

Full black screens do have a bit of red pixilation to them,

cables could probably do with being longer, Fine for seated/standing, but would make for very limited room scale, although extension cables can be used I believe.

There is lens flair with black on white, Does it bother me? hmm not really, maybe because I'm used to experiencing lens flairs etc. with wearing glasses?

Resolution could be higher, but that comes at a performance hit on current hardware, It's more than good enough for first generation VR.

technical positives.

Holy crap it's VR like I've dreamt of for years.
tracking is great.
set up easier than I could have ever of expected.
it's ridiculously light.
head phones are really nice quality. I was using BOSE quite comfort 15s before, Don't really feel the need to switch back. Base may be a little low for some but I'm not really a base freak.
Screen is bright and clear.


wearing glasses...
 While not ideal, it certainly isn't a deal breaker. Head set is definitely a lot comfier with out them, but liveable with them.  Had no problem putting the head set on and off. if you follow the simple instruction posted several times on this forum. Place the front onto the bridge of your nose and slide the head strap over your head. Taking them off I've found placing your figure into the triangle and the back of the head set and slide it off your head works just fine. Had no issues at all getting the head set on or off.

Over all, more than happy with my purchase, and can only say hold on it's worth the wait. I was down as an April delivery, Got an E-mail on the 12 say it would be mid May, but they arrived today 15th April. So you could argue that they are on time. Sent Via UPS in the U.K. had them redirected to a pick up point via their phone app as I only returned off holiday today.

Hope all the above makes a bit of sense, and maybe puts a few minds at rest. 

Any questions please ask, I'll do my best to answer them. Although I am a VR newbie.

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Level 4
Lemming, do you have Alien: Isolation?  Apparently that works with VorpX so I'd be interested to know how good it looks. whether there are any issues getting it working with CV1 etc...

Level 5

TremF said:

Yes. I have a 27" 2560x1440 monitor with games helped along by my dual Titan X setup but I have always wanted VR. Now I can really escape from the world at the end of a busy working week  🙂

You weren't annoying. I've got what I want and I'm happy - a few LOL's along the way are welcomed 🙂

I'm right with you there. I think it's the desperation for escapism that makes waiting for the CV1 to arrive so damn hard at times lol  🙂

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
@dead4sure  You hit a nail on the head here. Escapism. For me .. I always have been a bit of an odd ball, a bit of an outcast ... not only have I been a complete geek when I was younger but battling with being gay .. (not easy in post communist Poland at the time) .. I found escapism into the world of Fantasy and Sci-Fi to be soothing, it was where I could imagine worlds and places beyond the drab reality. I loved playing Might and Magic cards with friends, Dungeons and Dragons, watching Star Trek and reading comics .. Im an adult now, all gown up and well adjusted (I hope!)... but the whole thing has stuck with me .. and I never want to change. Escapism is healthy and mind opening.
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Be kind to one another 🙂

Level 5
@LZoltowski I think escapism is great but I do worry that we may be heading to a scenario where we are all physically wasting away while we spend all of our time in VR forgetting about the real world.

Level 8

dead4sure said:

@LZoltowski I think escapism is great but I do worry that we may be heading to a scenario where we are all physically wasting away while we spend all of our time in VR forgetting about the real world.

That won't happen until pizza is available in a prescription drip.

Level 5
@Bloodlet I'll be happy when we have a neural interface and an experience like the Matrix. I'm going to eat soo much steak lol. :smiley:

Level 12
I have Alien Isolation, CV1 and Vorpx, I will download the latest one and give it a go.

I was playing Elite dangerous last night. The CV1 is a great improvement. The lens flare is visible at times though due to all the glowing neon on the controls (somebody said set it to green), cannot say it bothers me greatly. I think they will solve/minimise it like they did for the black smearing eventually. Worse on black and pure white text.

The tracking is great I got up from my chair and walked around the cockpit, tracking was spot on and I could even go down to the floor and look through the glass portal beneath my chair. You could never have done that with the DK2. The resolution makes a difference as well, much clearer now.

I find the headset is much easier to take on and off quickly now. I was worried about the nose gap as I have a small nose but I probably notice that even less than the DK2 and have to look for it right down my nose before seeing it.

I find I can have the headset on fairly loosely and still seals in the light.

I find the FOV looks about the same size as the DK2 but the improvements to the lens and clarity makes up for that.

Level 4
@Luciferous. How did it go with Alien Isolation, Vorpx and the CV1? 
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Level 12
@LV426 So I downloaded the latest Vorpx and then realised I had uninstalled AI from Steam to make room for the oculus games. It is a pretty big game so I began download and that is as far as I got. VORPX seems tow ork fine with CV1 so far. I have had to go to France for work this week but I am back in the UK Friday evening. So hopefully I can test then and let you know.

Level 16

Another satisfied customer!

Yeh and loads more still having to wait! Me included. The only Vive vs Rift comparison I'll fully trust is my own.

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