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Old quest 2 299

Level 2

Is it just me or is there others feel ripped off . I bought the quest 2 and paid the $299. For it and I got the small storage one and a face rash . Been 3 weeks still waiting for replacement. Now for 299 you get the better storage and face cushion .  Should we be upgraded to ? I've only had mine 2 months before they improved it with more storage for same price. My guess hey you bought it **bleep** outta luck like all big companys treats customer after they get your cash.



Level 10

I'm not feeling ripped off. Then again, I went with the model that had more storage to begin with. I also got a replacement interface at the same time, because I remembered how unhygienic (and uncomfortable after a few sessions) the stock interface was on the quest 1.

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Level 15

It's just progress and was bound to happen eventually. No need to feels slighted.

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Level 9

 Don't feel ripped off here and also got the 64GB version. I figure that's the price of being an early adopter. Keep in mind the original Quest was only out for a little over a year before they announced the Quest 2.  

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I've generally bought tech stuff at launch and watch as others get the reductions as time goes by, sometimes not long after I've spent my money and I don't feel bad at all. I feel happy for the people who get good deals.

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