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Olympics coming to the Rift?

Level 5
Looks like Intel, NBC, & Samsung are teaming up to bring a VR Olympics experience to the Rift this February but I cannot seem to find the app on the store.  All I find is the MBA app.  Anyone know if this is really coming to the Rift or is Samsung limiting it to the "Oculus powered" Gear.

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Level 8
Nothing for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.  Strangely enough, Windows mixed reality headsets are supported. 

Level 2
I am deeply disappointed in no vr Olympics for rift.  Almost makes me regret the purchase.

Level 5

I am deeply disappointed in no vr Olympics for rift.  Almost makes me regret the purchase.

Probably the Olymipc's loss of a viewer over me regretting my Rift... I know where I'll be... racing cars in VR 🙂
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This would be kinda cool if it could work on the rift.

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OMG .. Watching the opening ceremony right now.
 Not in VR unfortunately ... But boy that would have been awesome !
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Volunteer Moderator

@TickTock yeah the same thing happened for the summer Olympics. It was an NBC/Samsung exclusive, the BBC also offered some sort of VR experience but I've forgotten exactly what they had to offer.

It has to be down to licencing, NBC and Samsung must have paid to show the events in VR, the BBC too and that may have included an exclusion deal to other manufacturers. Or other manufacturers just didn't want to stump up the cash. Also, there could just have been the single deal for both the summer and winter games.

It's a shame as like others have said, would have been quite a spectacle in the Rift.

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