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Opening up to more countries

Level 2
Living in Thailand I'm upset that I'm not part of the 1st wave. So my options are to look for an international shipper or wait. Any ideas how long Oculus will take to start shipping to more countries?

Level 2
I'm in the same situation, I hope oculus not take so long to open the presale to other countries

Level 3
Same here, im from portugal i bought DK2 and have been waiting for CV1, i was really disappointed when i realize that my country was not listed for Pre-order.
I hope Oculus will be opening to more countries soon.

Level 2
or give us some ET, how log it will take to include other countries. And what they have to do to make it.

Level 13
Not to offend, but after a ton of threads like these: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=28781 it's hard to say they should've had more support countries on first release.... there only so much you can do and to make people happy while giving them the right information.

Time frame would be after a while ~ hard to say as they still would have to ship first before they can actually sit down and talk about adding more countries I would imagine.

Level 2
Given the speed at which the delivery date increase for the open countries I would say that increasing the number of destination is not among the top priorities now.

Delivery in July if you order now, unless oculus plan to increase its production capacity in the next six month you can expect a waiting list near November in July and that is only with a market base of geek who already have a DK1 or DK2. When the product become open to sale to the general public the demand will multiply.

Short story do not expect to see other countries before beginning of 2017 with luck and if oculus increase capacity production in the meantime.

Level 2
"Short story do not expect to see other countries before beginning of 2017 with luck and if oculus increase capacity production in the meantime."

very sad, if true. Preordering is not for everyone and this is what annoys me seriously.

Level 13
Well I think what is hurting a bit here is that Oculus didn't take any money for getting your place in line. This allowed anyone to create a spot for free even though they listed it as 1 per customer. So I am sure there are lot of people ordering to resell later or people that are unsure, but wanted to get a place in line as there isn't a risk to do so.

Level 3
I guess...

We are in the ballpark of global Q1 launch

And we are in the ballpark of "We have the required certification in 20 countries, more will follow."...

This is becoming a norm here it appears.

Level 5
One more from Portugal.
This is a way to draw attention to Oculus to increase the number of countries covered by direct sales online not for pious souls contained in the initial 20 countries come to pseudo explanations of the reasons why the others were not chosen. Please Oculus, in Portugal there is a very community interested in joining the first wave of virtual reality. Make it real 😄