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Order Status Updates?

Level 4
Let me start by saying it's awesome that the rift is shipping and even more awesome that Oculus is giving back to the people who first supported them by supporting them first with the "free" rifts.

I'll try to make this short. Is there any expected email beyond the 1-3 weeks update email that went out? I know that pre-orders will be shipping hopefully sometime this week but it's been agonizing holding my breath for any sort of news on my order. I had my order confirmation 1 minute after pre-orders went live and have an order number 613000025XXXXX.

I know people will probably tell me to be patient but I snapped and wrote this post anyway. My gripes with this pre-order has been that there has been virtually no concrete information coming from Oculus in regards to when people can expect their orders. We've gotten vague information about "the first batch" of orders being sent out later this week but apart from the initial time frame on the original order page it's up to people's best guess as to when their particular order will be shipped. Does "the first batch" refer to particular range of order numbers? Has anybody received any additional emails in regards to pre-orders being shipped? I've seen virtually no information for pre-orders.

I guess I'll just keep holding my breath that my order was early enough to be shipped sometime this week but any extra info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Level 2
I paid for 6 games on Dec, 15th and they still haven't been downloaded to my computer!

Level 16
Have you contacting Oculus Support about this issue?
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