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Order processed and debited 3 weeks ago but.....

Level 3
Got a mail 3 weeks ago saying: "Your order has been processed and your Rift is almost on its way! Look for a shipping confirmation email with tracking information soon."

About the same day i got the mail, my credit card was charged (13th april). Didnt see any updates on my order page and Heard no news of my order and no tracking number.

Today (24th april) i got the Money back with a transaction date of 10th april (weird?) also got Another 1 SEK from the same sender on my account with transaction date 15th april.

I mean, what the F***! My patience is ok but this is just driving me mad. Support doesnt even exist. I just get the generic replys from them and hear nothing more for Days or  up to a week.

Level 8
Sorry to hear about that.

I'm guessing what happened is the initial charge was just a hold - not a charge. When the charge didn't clear after a period of time, the bank returns the money to your account. That would be my guess anyway.

My friend in the U.K. had his order charge a week ago, he even got the "Your Rift is just about to ship" email but it still hasn't. He has a mid May estimate.
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Level 3
Hmm, i hope they havent lost my order and that i still get my rift

Level 8
You will... The same thing happened to me. Ask them to review your order to make sure the order never got stuck on payment hold (which happened to me). Once they release it (which seems already has happened), they should try again shortly after as they did with me.. within days I had my Rift. You can read what happened here:
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