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Ordered New Headset and Does not show up

Level 7
I ordered a Headset and I go to my account and the order does not show up.
I never received a email for my order as well.
I looked at my bank account and there was a charge of 1 dollar by Oculus and a refund of 1 dollar.
I am not sure if my order went through and I am afraid to try again because I don't want to end up purchasing 2 headsets.
I am a little lost now about this purchase.
Any feedback would be most welcome.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey @Lakotariver it's likely that you've created a Guest Order. An order confirmation should've been sent to your email regarding tracking it. The Guest Order section would be found here. If you have issues, try another browser while not signed into your account. The 1$ was a pre-authorization hold to test whether the card could function. If you have any questions or concerns, follow up with your ticket. - Principe

Level 7
Thank you very much, I had an Oculus account before I placed the order but I may have not been signed in before I made this purchase. Oh well, I will look into it. Most of all I was concerned about if my order had gone through. I guess the dollar charge means it did. I hope so. Thank you for your time and I promise to name my first born child after you or give you my first born, Which ever you prefer. B)

Level 16
You'll do VERY well on these forums ????
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