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Ouch! TPCAST Oculus Rift even more expensive than expected at £350

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Sorry, was it expected to be less than this? "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

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options are good and it is nice that both vive and rifters can now go fully wireless......

it aint for me tho, i will wait till it is an official feature direct from who made the hmd.   have they got around the mic not working issues that the vive version had yet?  no mic, no vr for me anyway.  80% of my VR is done playing ED with voice attack and sometimes chatting with mates.
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kevinw729 said:

Sorry, was it expected to be less than this?

A figure of £300 i believe was being pushed around, unsure if this was official source though, more likely customer expectation or reddit.

It seems a luxury product though for those that really really hate cables at this time
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I love all my damn cables

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kevinw729 said:

Sorry, was it expected to be less than this?

Both Overclockers and Scan previously had them down as £318 or so.

Way too expensive, I'd THINK about getting one if it was £50-100 but any more than that and they can fuck right off lol 😮 😄 😄 😄
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My purchase only depends on whether or not it'll come with a short cable.

At first I thought this was a non-issue, but when the Tested guys were talking about what to do with the long cable, I wanted to just seal the conversation by reaching out and asking TPcast themselves, but sadly the answer was pretty vague. The nay-sayers point out it's a proprietary connector, but I can't imagine Oculus not co-operating on this project.

We'll see, but I'm deffo not pre-ordering anything until this is concluded.

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snowdog and vannagirl I have to agree even £300 or £318 seems luxury pricing at best - also, I had some time with the system at AAA in China and I thought the set-up may be beyond some conventional VR enthusiasts!

I can only see the main interest in using the hardware, as this, for now:,news-57220.html "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

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Remember that TPCast requires that you use a custom TPCast wifi router. That's where part of the cost is going.
TPCast uses 60Ghz to send video to the headset, then sends tracking and controller data back through wifi (slightly non standard so you need their router) then ethernet.

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I also think they missed the boat with this too. Taking far too long to get the product out there.

And hell, the rift has enough problems when running on cables. Can imagine the current, and future, problems a 3rd party wireless solution will have.