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PC Gamer: Quest 2 without FB Account, Best VR Headset, and Index going Inside-Out

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A great article was published by PC Gamer two days ago. It discusses the current state of affairs for VR, and calls out some interesting observations:

  • Oculus Quest 2 remains PC Gamer's "best VR Headset" choice.
  • If a user wants to utilize the Quest 2 HMD, but wants to avoid creating a Facebook account, then you simply need to spend some extra $$$ and purchase the Oculus for Business version (and license.
  • Quest 2 is currently the most popular headset on Steam.
  • PC Gamer is looking at Valve's recent Inside-Out tracking Patent, and urging them to pursue it.

"Maybe Valve ought to do some serious tracking with the Index 2, then ship it out for $299, too. Just let me know what details you want, Gabe."





Level 16

799.00 plus an annual fee of 180 bucks to be rid of Facebook requirement.

I don't think so.

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I certainly wouldn't pay the extra cost "just" to avoid Facebook. At that point... might be better to just get a Reverb G2 or Valve Index instead.


For a proper business plan though... Quest 2 for business would be worth it. Assuming one has the ability to yield a positive ROI.

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Volunteer Moderator

That gives a clue to the possible discount Facebook are putting on the Q2 and how much they value a Facebook account in monetary terms.


Assuming they're supplying business support at cost, at $180 per year and the purchase price includes 1 years support, I wonder if the cost of the headset is actually $799 - $180, putting it at the $620 mark or there abouts.


I'm also wondering if my Android TVs are in any way discounted because they require a Google account, or my iphone discounted because it requires an Apple account.


(I'm pretty sure I know the answer 😗)


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