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Payment Issue

Level 3

I bought an Oculus Quest back in Feb-2020 and was unable to setup a payment method.  Tried several credit cards and nothing would work. I use these credit cards to make purchases on-line on a regular basis.  I went to Oculus customer support and after weeks and weeks of getting nowhere I gave up and returned it.

Now, 1.5 years later I just bought a Quest 2 hoping this issue would have been resolved.  But, nope! 

I have tried my credit cards again, Paypal, different browsers, laptops, cell phones, nothing works!   

I just put in a ticket but I have very little confidence this will get resolved.

Has anyone had this issue and had it resolved?  

Or, did I just make a big mistake in purchasing an over priced paper weight!!! 


Level 3

Update.  Within 1 business day Oculus has fixed my payment issue!  Based on my past experience and reading other posts I was not overly confident this would get resolved quickly. 

Thanks to AmanS at Oculus Support for a quick resolution!